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Leather Cleaning

Kent Carpet Cleaning also offer a high quality leather cleaning service.

Leather may have several finishes and it is important that the leather cleaner knows which one he is dealing with, otherwise problems can occur.

The majority of leather furniture is pigmented, typically cream or brown but can be a whole range of colours.

Other finishes include Aniline dyed, Semi Aniline , Suede and Nubuck.

Suede and Nubuck are fairly rare and very difficult to clean, although fake suede (faux ) is often passed off as real suede, but requires a completely different cleaning approach.

We can clean pigmented leather very well and can achieve excellent results restoring your furniture to an almost showroom condition.

We can also apply a protector which as the name suggests, protects your sofa from dirt, oil and grease all of which can severely damage the condition of your leather upholstery.